Birdskog Farm was established by husband & wife Reuben Granskog & Hannah Birdsall (with additional help from the Birdsall Family) in 2016 on less than 1/2 acre of mineral-rich, silty clay soil.  We are located in the town of Ulysses approximately 10 miles west/northwest of the city of Ithaca, and 4 miles south of the village of Trumansburg.  2017 was the first year of vegetable production and sales.


The focus of Birdskog Farm is production of clean vegetables of the highest quality, that are rich in phytonutrients as well as taste! 

We farm with system of semi-permanent raised beds and we focus on nurturing the visible and invisible life in the soil.  The soil life feeds on the sugars that are secreted by the plants' roots.  In return, the soil microbes happily make available mineral nutrients for the plants to uptake, grow strong, and produce large fruits.

We will enhance the surrounding biodiversity so that many different species of insects, arachnids, amphibians, and reptiles thrive and improve the ecological balance. 

The farm ground is located in a beautiful meadow which, we can say, has not been sprayed with chemicals, of any kind, for at least 20 years, and probably much longer.

The farm is buffered by at least 50 feet of woods on all sides, a creek, and a small pond which was dug by the current landowner.  The pond's catchment area is approximately 5 acres of clean, unsprayed land; it is the source of the farm's irrigation.  Also, our neighbors to the north are certified organic grain farmers.

We became certified organic during our first year of farming by NOFA-NY in June of 2017.  We sell our vegetables at local farmers' markets (Ithaca - Steamboat Landing - on Sundays & occasional Saturdays), and grocery stores (T-Burg Shursave).  We plan to sell vegetables to local restaurants as our production improves.

Feel free to contact us any time if you'd like to visit the farm or have any questions.

Here are the planned 2018 crops:

  • Carrots: Danvers, Yaya, Naval

  • Garlic: Music

  • Spinach: Butterflay, Verdil, Corvair, Escalade

  • Tomatoes: Montesino, Sweetie, Roni, Sakura, Matt's Wild Cherry, Red Pear, Toronjina, Rose de Berne, Lola, Geronimo, Pink Boar

  • Basil: Genovese, Italian Large Leaf, Elidia

  • Sugar Snap Peas: Cascadia

  • Arugula: Sylvetta Wild, Surrey

  • Kale: Green Curly

  • Beets: Cylindra, Touchstone Gold, Shiraz

  • Gourmet Lettuce Mix

  • Cucumbers: Green Finger, Manny, Calypso, Marketmore

  • Head Lettuce: Summercrisp (Concept)

  • Zucchini: Midnight Lightning, Goldy, Green Machine

  • Green Beans: Strike

  • Sweet Peppers: King Crimson, Picnic (orange, yellow, & red)

  • Radish: French Breakfast, D'avignon

  • Brussels Sprouts: Dagan

  • Spring Mix

  • Turnip: Tokyo Market